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About Us

Overview of Saarebank

verified sign What Business are we into ?

We are into the online lead generating/filteration business through our web application called “” (Site Launch Date : 20th September 2014) as the name suggests-

Is the only kind of comprehensive portal today available in online financial services space where any individual /company ,whether salaried/self-employed within few clicks can,  not only calculate his/her  financial eligibility/Take print outs of its Loan schedules, but at the same time can compare 15 leading  Financial institutions (FI’s) operating in india, their interest rates/processing fees offerings and apply online, for various kinds of loan products viz..Home Loan( Compare15 FI’s  ),Loan Against Property (Compare15 FI’s ),Business Loan,OD,CC etc.

Our USP is Self Employed Segment, which has the most complex calculations which we have tried to simplify the same for a business man, by giving almost 80% accuracy in terms of calculating individual/company’s financial eligibility and has the algo’s of 15 FI’s  operating in india.This is the only kind of web application which caters to this specific need of self employed segment .

vission serviceWhere do we operate ?

Currently our area of operation is limited to Delhi/NCR only, however we are getting leads from pan india which we are currently unable to cater to .


The journey so far as been very much encouraging and exciting, this is only possible with our state of the art online marketing strategy which have made our/our’s customer journey an overall success, following are some of our achievements which we feel needs to be highlighted :

a) With our well defined demographics of the targeted set of customers along with our state of the art campaigns have helped us to generate more than enough Traffic on our portal .

b) We are getting an excellent net based traffic along with the customer details viz..salary, existing relationship,work-ex,Net profit, depreciation, across the products viz.., Business Loan, Home Loan and Loan Against Property .

c) We have been invited by face-book to share our success story on online marketing growth story for being. one of best campaigns ever introduced by any one pan india among their existing associates. d) Our Mobile to Desktop accessibility ratio stands at 60 : 40 which is one of the best in India as per google.

1) Business Strategy:

Our Business strategy is to partner with the leading banks in india in online space and give customer an platform where we empower him to not only compare and choose the best lending products but calculate his/her own financial eligibility and apply online with the various banks of his own choice .

2) What Pain areas do we address for the Customer and the Bank

a) Pain area for the customer:

1. With so many Middle Man or Direct Channel Partners available in the market place.selling all kind of Loan products ,there is an high chance of mis- selling to the customer leading to the brand dilution of the concerned bank, today if any customer wants to apply for any product than he/she have to hunt for multiple channel partners which in the entire process leads to delay in getting the proper guidance and timely delivery of the product leading to customer’s dis-content . Solution:

We with the help of our web application are trying to eliminate this pain area by giving them a single online platform where with just few clicks we empower the customer with following tools to get the best and attractive deals :

  • We empower him to calculate his own financial eligibility and decide which product of which bank is best suitable for him.

  • We give him an access to all the major banks/NBFC’s across the products and their offerings in just few clicks.

  • With proper product specialist in place and we guide him/her through various hassles that one faces individually and act as a bridge between the bank and him in order to fasten the process of delivery along with the best offers available suited to his specific needs.

  • Our web application have all the product content online viz..FAQ’s, documentation process which any customer can go through to stop getting misguided.

b) Pain Area for the Bank:

Today banks are struggling to ensure that all its channel partners gets DNC compliant which otherwise in case of any default leads to huge penalties levied by regulatory authorities which also in past have let to lot’s of DSA license cancellation leading to huge business loss and customer dis-satisfaction. Solution :

At we have been able to totally address the issue of DNC, as all the clients who are visiting our site are applying with their own consent and signing our disclaimer thereby authorising to communicate/email. them at any point of time.

3) Business Solution:

As our motto says “Be your Own Banker” which clearly defines our existence, we are here to empower a customer an un-biased platform for both salaried and self -employed individual/company where they can visit out application ,check one’s financial eligibility ,compare with multiple banks and apply online with zero cost , we have been growing @ 200% on our traffic on our website on monthly basis.