Loan Against Property

Gives you access to immediate funds

Available for salaried and self employed

Benefits of Saarebank Loan Against Property

  • - Low EMIs
  • - Immediate Funds availability
  • - Fast and easy Loan Processing
  • - Speedy Approvals
  • - Flexible Tenure
  • - Simple and Hassle free Documentation
  • - Easy Balance Transferring

Apply for Loan Against Property

Get an Instant Loan on Property from Saarebank

You can get a secured loan as a commercial property or residential property loan fund any form of financial necessity. Borrowers mortgage the property as collateral to avail loan amounts based on its live market value.

Your property acts as collateral for the loan, but you can continue to use it as before.

At Saarebank, we provide customized property loans depending on your requirement. Thus, you may be salaried, self-employed, or an SME - rest assured, we have a good outcome for you.

Our smoothed-out measure with negligible documentation guarantees a problem-free encounter for each client. You can contact our support team for answers to any questions you may have or information you need via phone or email.
Apply for a Loan Against Property today, and make the most of a host of advantages as our valued client.

Types of Loan Against Property

Saarebank offers modified loans against property to help you conveniently meet different high-ticket purchases. Apply for a loan amount as per your requirement/eligibility and get a reasonable loan against the property interest rate along with other privileges benefits such as the fastest loan give within 24-48hours* Flexi loan facility and more. Saarebank brings various types of property loans that are customized to fulfill particular financial purposes unique to each borrower. Avail of the most applicable loan variant to cover a range of costs from medical emergencies, higher education, weddings, and much more.

Loan against commercial or residential property

You can get a secured loan as a commercial property or residential property loan fund any form of financial necessity. Borrowers mortgage the property as collateral to avail loan amounts based on its live market value.

Loan against property for self-employed

Individuals self-employed can avail of high-value funds at the cheapest interest rate with a loan against property for self-employed. Request to loan against property application, you need to stand our eligibility criteria to submitting a request.

Loan against property for salaried employees

Salaried base employees can opt for high-value of loans at the cheapest interest rate and use the funds to meet various expenses like weddings, tours, travels, new homes, home renovation, medical emergencies, etc. Loan against eligibility criteria mandatory applicants to be b/w ages of 28 and 58 years, be Indian citizenship, and salaried employees of a public firm, private institute, or an MNC.

Loan against property for home renovation

Installing the newest systems or false ceiling to having floors, modern tiles, bathroom fittings, and kitchen cabinets, you can easily use a loan against property for renovating the home offered by Saarebank to renew your home and give it an all-decent look.

Loan against property for education

Educate your child using education loans on property from Saarebank. Borrow a high-value loan and cover its tuition fees, accommodation, flight fares, travel, and food expenses, etc. Avail of the exclusive customized loan facility.

Loan against property for debt consolidation

Loan against property for debt consolidation permit borrowers to easily consolidate multiple debts and save more on EMIs. Saarebank ensures the cheapest interest rates and a flexible tenor of the recommended documents and requests for an appropriate amount.

Lease rental discounting

One of the popular mortgage loan types, lease rental discounting permits borrowers to avail a loan against rentals. If you earn fixed rentals at particular intervals from a property you own, opt for a Saarebank lease rental discounting Loan against the rentals.

Loan against Property for chartered accountants

Chartered accountants in Delhi can opt for a Flexi secured loan to open new branches, purchase or lease new premises, renovate an old office, and more. Get a high-value loan against property with the fastest and hassle-free loan approval.

Features & Benefits

A Loan Against Property from Saarebank allows you to do it all. Saarebank offers tailor-made Property Loans to salaried and self-employed individuals. Financing your child’s education, managing your wedding expenses, extend your business, or even handling unexpected medical expenses.

Top Features of Saarebank Loan Against Property

Fund Your Transfer


Loan Tenure

Easy and Flexible EMI

Balance Transfer


Overdraft Facility

Loan Against Property Eligibility Criteria

The loan against property acceptability depends on whether you are a self-employed salaried individual, small or medium-sized enterprise. Your repayment potential is assessed on factors such as fixed obligations, credit history, your income, and so on. Along with the loan application form, you will have to submit the following documents required for a loan against property:

success sign Age

Maximum age of applicant at loan maturity: 60 years

success sign Proof of Identity

success sign Address Proof

success sign Bank Statements for the last 6 months

success sign Last 6 months salary slips (for salaried customers)

success sign Audited financial statements (for self-employed and SME applicants)

success sign Form 16

success sign Income Tax Returns for the last 3 years

success sign Processing fee cheque

success sign Documentation pertaining to the property offered as collateral

Loan Against Property FAQs

A Loan against Property is a secured loan availed against a commercial or residential property kept as collateral with the lender. As the funds come with no end usage restriction, borrowers can utilise the funds for various purposes such as business expansion, wedding, child’s education, etc. Check out these features of a Loan against Property from Saarebank.
A Loan against Property is a convenient option to finance all high-end expenditures for business or personal purposes. You can mortgage various Loan against Property types as collateral to avail funds of up to Rs. 3.5 Crore. Following are some of the collateral variants lenders consider with their Mortgage Loan product types:
Self-occupied residential property, including house, apartment, flat, etc.Rented residential properties are also accepted as Property Loan types. Commercial property such as an office building, shops, malls, complexes, etc.A plot of land under your ownership is accepted as one of the Home Mortgage Loan types. Check out the types of Home Mortgage Loan from Saarebank and apply for an appropriate one.
A Loan against Property from Saarebank comes with a host of features and benefits including prepayment facility. If you think about what home mortgage loan prepayment is, well, it signifies paying off a certain part of the principal amount over and above the EMIs. To part prepay, pay an amount that is equal to or more than 1 EMI. Complete the process at zero or nominal prepayment charges.

Benefits of Prepayment
Reduces the outstanding principal.
Lowers either the EMIs or the loan tenure.
Frees you from debts quickly.

Contact Saarebank to understand Home Mortgage Loan meaning and how you can best benefit from it. Meet the Loan against Property eligibility and apply successfully.
When taking a Loan against Property, it is essential to insure the property being mortgaged. The insurance cover should cover damages caused by fire and such calamities and must be valid throughout the loan tenure. Every borrower has to submit a proof of the insurance policy annually or when needed. The reason why you need a home mortgage loan insurance policy is the approval of your application. You can also enjoy the benefit of loan mortgage insurance tax-deductible. Understand everything about what a Loan against Property or LAP is carefully before applying. The procedure of how to use a Property Loan is made online for your convenience.

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