Loan Against Securities

Gives you access to immediate funds

Available for salaried and self employed

Benefits of Saarebank Loan Against Securities

  • - Low EMIs
  • - Immediate Funds availability
  • - Fast and easy Loan Processing
  • - Speedy Approvals
  • - Flexible Tenure
  • - Simple and Hassle free Documentation
  • - Easy Balance Transferring

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Get an Instant Loan against Securities from Saarebank

Loan Against Securities from Saarebank you can open the potential of your investments. All you have to do is guarantee your mutual funds, shares, bonds, or securities and get access to instant liquidity

Features & Benefits

Saarebank offers the fastest secured financing, of up to Rs. 30 crores and more. Get a loan against securities: your securities shares equity, mutual funds, insurance, or bonds, stocks, and Demat accounts or all your financial necessities.

With a convenient online application, Saarebank Loan Against Securities is the hassle-free way to get funds without liquidating your assets.

Top Features of Saarebank Loan against Securities

Nil Part Payment/Foreclosure Charges

High Loan Value

Online Account Access

Easy Documentation

Wide List of Approved Securities

Loan against Securities Eligibility Criteria

Resident Individuals – Self Employed / Salaried

Age – 18 Years & above

Resident Individuals Self Employed / Salaried (for funding against & shares equity)

NRI – Non-Resident Individual (for funding against Equity & Debt MF held in the name of the borrower)

Non-individual entities like Proprietorship concerns / Partnership Firms/ Limited Liability Partnerships / Private Limited / Limited Companies / HUF (for funding against Debt securities)

Document Required for Saarebank Loan Against Securities

Last 2 Years Self Certified ITR

Last 3 Months Self-Attested Bank statement

Client Master List for the relevant Demat Account (in case of Share Equity)

Self-Attested Mutual Fund statement

Surrender Value Report for Insurance Case

Loan against Securities FAQs

Loan against Securities (LAS) is a facility offered against pledge / lien of marketable securities. Approved list of such securities and the respective Loan to Value % (LTV %) may vary from lender to lender.
Funds drawn using a LAS facility can be used to meet effectively all legitimate needs. For example - personal or business requirements, investments, meeting contingencies etc. It could be one of the best ways to generate liquidity without selling the securities.
● Wide range of approved securities
● Minimal Documentation Quick processing
● Ease of drawing funds
● No prepayment charges
● Dedicated Relationship Manager (RM)
● Competitive interest rates
Saarebank offers LAS facility as an Overdraft (OD) / Line of credit (LOC) currently. It provides flexibility of drawing funds and making repayments as per the requirement of the customer.
Initially, the LAS facility is offered for a period of 12 months. This facility can be subsequently renewed subject to fulfilment of renewal requirements as prescribed by Saarebank.
You will be charged a nominal processing fee. The interest will be charged only on the amount you draw and for the period that you draw it. Also, the interest will be charged on a daily basis, but will be debited to your account only once a month. Visit our Loan Against Securities Interest Rates page to know more.
There are 4 category of securities against which the facility can be availed currently:
● Shares
● Mutual Funds
● Bonds
● ETFs
Only Shares, ETFs and Bonds are required to be in Demat form. Mutual fund units can be accepted either in Demat or Physical form.
Saarebank's current list of approved securities include:
● Listed Shares – 500+
● Mutual Fund Schemes – 1500+
● Approved list of securities is subject to change from time to time in line with any regulatory or Saarebank prescribed changes.
Saarebank offers LTV of 50% against an approved list of shares. LTV for approved MF schemes and Bonds would range from 50% to 85%. Current LTV % is subject to change from time to time in line with any regulatory or Saarebank prescribed changes.
No. You can use your existing bank account for receiving and transferring funds and existing demat account for pledging your securities.
No. The ownership of the securities is retained with the existing owner of the securities in case of pledge / lien marking of securities. There is no physical transfer of securities in case of pledge / lien marking. This means, you would continue to enjoy all the corporate benefits which a shareholder / unit holder is entitled to.
You can make a request for a disbursal through your assigned RM or by making a call at our toll free no. 1800 419 8900 or by emailing at info@Saarebank,in. Disbursal of funds is subject to releasable amount in line with risk policy of Saarebank.
Interest would be electronically debited on the due date to your bank account registered with us for NACH.
Current facility offered as OD / LOC allows the customer to make part payments during the tenor of the loan facility. There are no prepayment charges.
You can make part / full payments at any point of time during the tenor of the loan via RTGS /NEFT/ IMPS / Cheque.
Yes. You can choose to foreclose the LAS facility anytime during the tenor of the loan after payment of the outstanding balance including overdue amount (if any). There are no foreclosure charges in case of Line of Credit/Overdraft facility.
You can make a request for a release of pledge / lien marking of required securities through your assigned RM or by making a call at our toll free no. 1800 419 8900 or by emailing at info@Saarebank,in. Release of pledge / lien marking of securities is subject to releasable securities in line with risk policy of Saarebank.
In case, fall in the value of securities has led to a shortfall of margin requirements prescribed by Saarebank, then you need to provide pledge / lien marking of additional securities acceptable to Saarebank or make a part payment to regularise the margin shortfall. Fulfilment of margin obligations needs to be done within the time period prescribed by Saarebank.
You can share service requests / queries / grievances by using any of the below options:
● Access Customer Service Portal
● Call No.
● Email at info@Saarebank,in
You can apply for a LAS facility by using any of the below options:
● Register on our website under LAS section
● Proof of Identity and Address
● Proof of Bank and Demat Account
● Latest Demat / Mutual Fund Holding Statement
● Latest Form 16 / Salary Certificate / ITR / Audited P&L and Balance Sheet*